Dear members of the Viatorian Community,

With this communication, I am happy to introduce the new General Direction Website. For some months now we have been developing the website in consultation with professional website consultants. As you will see the site is presented in the three languages of the Community — French, English and Spanish. We will make every effort to see that all postings on the website will be translated to provide the best means of communicating with all the members of the Viatorian Community.

After much discussion, the General Council offers this site as a way of communicating on a regular basis with you. We hope to share news from the General Direction as well as stories of interest from around the Congregation. While some of those stories may come from Province and Foundation newsletters, I hope to engage individual Viatorians who will send pictures and stories that tell the story of Viatorian ministry across the globe. The website has links to the information on the Provinces, Foundations, Delegation, Vice-Delegation and other important aspects of Viatorian life.

I am very grateful to the members of the General Council who have worked hard to develop the website and offered valuable commentary and suggestions in the development process. I am especially grateful to Father Ronald Hochman of the Province of Canada for all his dedicated efforts in translating the contents of the website into the three languages of the Community. Finally, my thanks to Mrs. Eileen Daday who has agreed to monitor the site, receive news stories and post new information on the Website.

Please take a moment and explore the site. I hope you visit the website regularly to receive notifications and new announcements, as well as find interesting news stories. You can always find us, at:

My best wishes to you.

In Viator and Father Querbes,