Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Even as we celebrate this deepest truth of our faith, that indeed the Lord is Risen, we continue to live through the dark days of the global pandemic of the coronavirus. On behalf of the entire General Council, I write to extend our good wishes and renewed prayers in this season of joy and hope.

For those in our Viatorian Community who struggle with this virus I want to let them know that we continue to sustain them with our prayers and faith. For all those who have died across the globe I know that you join me in the confident hope that they now rest with the Risen Christ.

In these Easter days, let us renew and deepen our faith in the Risen Lord, confident that He always brings life and hope to those who believe in Him.

Blessings and peace to you in this Easter Season!

Sincerely in the Risen Christ,



Robert M. Egan, CSV

Superior General