Nearly 60 years after Viatorians established a foundation in Colombia, they have established their first parish named for the community’s patron, St. Viator.

Construction on St. Viator Parish in Bogotá began last year, after years of fundraising and waiting for building permits. Led by Fr. Edgar Suarez, CSV, Pastor, the parish community celebrated in their new church for the first time on Easter, despite many projects still needing to be completed. They plan to dedicate their new church in September.

“It has been one year since the blessing of the first stone, and now we have started the celebrations in our new parish church,” Fr. Suarez says. “We have advanced a lot of the work, but there are still many details to be completed, including the sound system, stained glass windows, pews, parking and chapel of the Rosary of the Virgin.”

The parish is located in the northern section of Bogotá, in the Torremolinos neighborhood. The vibrant area is home to a large number of schools, universities, sports and social clubs, retreat houses and religious communities. Even before the church building took shape, the parish grew to serve 1,000 families, who are engaged in various apostolic ministries.

“For the parish community it has been blessing and a great joy to begin construction,” Fr. Suarez added. “It is a great sign of life and hope that motivates us to continue working for the kingdom of God in this sector of the city in our Archdiocese of Bogotá.”

The church is bright and airy, with many windows and religious images — including a prominent stained glass window featuring St. Viator above the church entry — as well as lush gardens highlighted by decorative outdoor lighting.

“As a Viatorian, I continue to be excited to fulfill this work that the Lord has placed in my hands,” he adds, “to continue building a Viatorian parish community where faith is lived, deepened and celebrated — and to continue building this church for the glory of God and the service of the community.”