God does all things beautiful and well in his time, they say! After 21 years of presence of Viatorian religious in Burkina Faso, the Foundation has just established its program of association.

Fr. Norbert Zongo, Br. Victor Zongo, Associate Aimée Nikiéma and Fr. Jean-Marc Provincial

On July 5, the Foundation of Burkina Faso celebrated in joy and thanksgiving the commitment of Ms. Aimée Nikiéma, first partner. At the same time, it hosted nine pre-associates. This is an unprecedented event in the foundation’s history, as Foundation Superior Br. Victor Zongo pointed out in his words of encouragement.

Br. Zongo took the opportunity to thank and congratulate Ms. Nikiéma for her perseverance, patience and loyalty throughout her journey. He also encourages and congratulates the pre-associates who have just taken an important step in their journey towards the association. This sharing of our charism and spiritual life is a cherished idea carried by our founder, the Venerable Fr. Louis Querbes.

The Viatorian Community in Burkina Faso

A special thank you went to Fr. Jean-Marc Provost for his heart and soul in training and support for the association. Fr. Provost did not work alone. He also received support from Fr. Jocelyn Dubeau and Fr. Denis Kima in this collective work. They were warmly thanked.

If the Foundation today achieves this goal, it owes it first to the favorable reception of all religious towards association. For this beautiful gesture of solidarity and collaboration, thank you! It is a Querbesian heritage that the entire Foundation feels proud to carry on today. Ms. Nikiéma expressed her deep gratitude to God for her wonders from which come vocation and life.

Professions in Burkina Faso also continue to grow, with vow renewals of three Viatorian brothers, first vows of four more religious brothers and perpetual vows of another. The Foundation also welcomed three new novices to the community. Indeed, the Viatorian charism is growing in Burkina Faso.