The history of the Viatorians  in Chile begins in Viña del Mar on Nov. 16, 1957. On that date two confreres arrived from Spain: Saturnino San Martín and César Elorrieta. A few months later, in March 1958, they took over the direction of the San Antonio Parish School, founded by the priest Félix Ruiz de Escudero, a former student of the San José de Vitoria school, run by the Clerics of Saint Viator.

On Feb. 2, 1962, a new community was founded to run a primary school in the La Laguna de Curacaví farm. For four years the Viatorians remained in that location.

As of March 4, 1963, classes began at the San Viator de Ovalle school in the Fourth Region.

In March 1964, the Congregation was invited by the Society for the Protection of Children to take charge of the educational complex: Las Nieves de Puente Alto. There the Congregation remained for 27 years.

Dependent of the San Antonio parish school of Viña del Mar, in 1973 the San Viator Refuge began to operate in Granizo, Olmué commune in the Fifth Region. The Congregation became officially responsible for this work on May 10, 1975. This house is a center for retreats, meetings and coexistence of young people and adults.

On Feb. 24, 1980, the Viatorians took over the El Divino Salvador parish, located in the city of Ovalle.

In 1988, the first Chilean associates made their commitments.

In 1989 the San Viator School was inaugurated in the commune of Macul. Five years later, in 1994, classes began at the Liceo Politécnico El Señor de Renca in the district of Renca. Both are in the Metropolitan Region.

In June 2001, Brother José Antonio Izaga and Father Luis Trigueros arrived in Alto Beni to implement the Viatorian charism in Bolivia.

Recently, implementing one of the priorities of the General Chapter of February 2013, the Center of Vocational Counseling Querbes, was opened in Viña del Mar. It is intended to offer young people a space for welcoming and meeting, of reflection and prayer that favors spiritual accompaniment and vocational discernment in the context of promoting Viatorian vocations.

The Delegation of Clérigos de San Viator of Chile, received the status of Region on Aug. 15, 1987. The region began with 36 religious. On Feb. 9, 2003, the Province of Chile was erected.

The history of the Viatorians in Chile has been woven with sacrifice, prayer, generosity and the love of many Viatorians -religious and associates- who have given their lives so that Jesus is known, loved and adored. This story continues to be written.