To become associated with the Congregation and member of the Viatorian Community, the candidate must, among others, fulfill the following conditions:

• To be of age
• Demonstrate social, emotional and psychological stability
• Be able to make decisions and carry them out
• Live according to the values ​​of the Gospel
• Engage in the Viatorian mission
• Participate in our community life and spirituality

The vocation to associate life is a gift from God. Associates are called to participate in the Viatorian charism.
If this call comes from God and is supported by Him, the process of formation is a personal responsibility: it first involves the person called, then the religious or associated Viatorians appointed to accompany the candidate and finally the entire Viatorian Community.

Although each province, delegation and foundation has its own formation guidelines, generally speaking, a person who is considering becoming an Associate is first welcomed into a local community, after a certain period of evaluation, by a solemn commitment.The person makes this initial commitment for a fixed term and can renew this commitment. At the end of the process of discernment, the member can become permanently involved in the Viatorian Community.

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