What Is It?

Nearly two centuries later

Today, Father Querbes’ dream of a community of two branches, one of religious members and the other of lay people, has become a living reality. His charism, now incarnated by the Viatorian community, is a gift of the Spirit to the men and women of all times that the Church has recognized.

We, who make up the Viatorian Community, are religious or associates and among them we find men or women, singles or married people, permanent deacons or diocesan priests. Our communities fulfill the mission of proclaiming Jesus Christ and His Gospel, training young people and adults in the Christian life and celebrating the faith. We offer human, intellectual and spiritual formation. We animate communities of faith.

Go and proclaim the Gospel at the ends of the earth 

Since Vourles, the place of our foundation in France, we have spread to 13 countries in Europe, the Americas, Africa and the Far East. Ethnic, cultural and social diversity is one of our great riches. Fraternal communion is our response to the double challenge of diversity and individualism. Catechists and evangelizers in the school environment. As educators of the faith, we work in primary and secondary schools as well as in academic institutions.We strive to integrate Christian values ​​into today’s cultural reality.In the countries where we are engaged, we strive to enter into dialogue with their cultures and to live in solidarity with their peoples.Students, parents, staff members and teachers form a large family in each of our educational institutions. 

Catechists and evangelizers in the local church 

Father Querbes understood the importance of training catechists and parish liturgists.That is why we realize our mission in communion with the local Churches, collaborating in deepening and celebrating the faith in a dynamic and harmonious way.We choose to collaborate and interact with bishops and pastors. 

With the marginalized 

Finally, Father Querbes had a particular concern for children and the poor who did not have access to education, especially Christian education. This is why we devote ourselves above all to those who are left out of our time. We work for peace and social justice. We collaborate in international solidarity through material, spiritual and human assistance.