Charter of the VC

Written in 2006 by the first assembly of the Viatorian Community and adopted ad experimentum by the 28th General Chapter of the Clerics of Saint Viator, this Charter proposes to the members of the Viatorian Community their founding document. The Charter describes the identity and essential characteristics of this community which embodies the Viatorian charism. This Charter also aims to guide all Viatorians in their particular way of serving the people of God.

These characteristics can be called the charism that God gives to the Viatorian Community. They can be lived under the secular mode (by the Associates) and under the regular mode (by the Religious) within the framework of the Viatorian Community. There is a unique opportunity to be realized for mission and Viatorian fraternal communion by many people with different qualities and commitment: men and women, laity, religious and priests.

The Viatorian Community is made up of religious and associates, both distinct and united, without confusion, who harmonize within the Querbesian spirit. These two groups are therefore complementary, like the face and the reverse of the same coin, just as beautiful as the other.

What a privilege for the Viatorian Community to illustrate, by this complementarity of vocations, the diversity of the states of life in the Church. Who said that the Viatorian Community offered the world a model of the Church? It is important that the Viatorians keep alive their awareness of forming a group where each particular vocation, religious and secular, is lived, respected and promoted.

The Charter will be for all the Viatorians a reminder of who they are and why they are together.