Fr. Claude Roy, CSV

Fr. Claude Roy, CSV, Vicar General

Fr. Claude Roy, CSV, was born in 1955 and raised in a Catholic family  in Montreal,Quebec, in Canada.

His parents, Léo-Paul and Françoise, sent him to their local parish school and high school, both run by the Clerics of Saint Viator.

“Christ captured my heart when I was 21 years old,” Fr. Roy says. “It was an event that has guided my life ever since.”

After three years of university studies in law, Fr. Roy turned to the religious community he knew best, the Clerics of Saint Viator. He professed his first vows in 1982 and made his perpetual profession in 1985, before being ordained to the priesthood in 1988.

Fr. Roy credits the Viatorian Community with giving him a rich and varied life. After studying theology at the Université de Montréal, he served in parish ministry for nearly 10 years in the dioceses of Saint- Jérôme and Trois-Rivières. He then became novice master for five years (1994-1999), and he continued to contribute to the formation of candidates for religious life at the Montreal Inter-Novitiate until 2014.

Fr. Claude Roy, right, talks with Br. Sylvanus Djama of the Ivory Coast.

In 2000, Fr. Roy was involved with a new mission project launched by the Province of Canada, whose objective was the formation of parish or diocesan catechists. Fr. Roy helped to coordinate a team of religious and associates, which gave birth to the Viatorian Catechetical Service. He worked on its website for six years,

In 2006, Fr. Roy was elected as Provincial Superior in Canada, a role he held for two consecutive terms ending in 2014.

Afterwards, Fr. Roy began studying for a master’s degree in canon law at Saint Paul University in Ottawa, which he completed in 2016. As a canonist, he immediately was hired to work in the Chancery Office. From there, he was transferred to the Inter-Diocesan Tribunal where he worked as a canonical auditor, lawyer and defender of the bond.

Members of the new General Council include (L-R) Fr. Claudio Ríos of Chile, Fr. André Crozier of France, Fr. Robert M. Egan, superior general, Fr. Claude Roy of Canada and Fr. Robert Jean of Haití.

Following the 30th General Chapter in 2018, Fr. Robert Egan, CSV, Superior General, asked Fr. Roy to join the General Council as Vicar General and Procurator to the Holy See.

“Over the years, I have developed a great interest in consecrated life, its evolution, forms, spirituality and mission, and in particular the link between lay associates and religious,” Fr. Roy says. “I am also interested in the development of interculturality in the northern countries and its impact on our Church and its mission of evangelization.”