We have defined ourselves as educators of the faith, in the manner of Jesus of Nazareth, by contributing to the Church and civil society, in our preferential option for the poor, as our founder loved him, Father Louis Querbes. In this sense, we try to integrate two horizons into our mission, thus testifying to our attachment to the Kingdom of God and its justice: education and liturgy.

The first horizon concerns the articulation of education within the dimensions of the integral development of people, as well as the growth and strengthening of a personal faith shared in community, where faith is lived and celebrated.

The second horizon is embraced in the inculturated liturgy, where the festive dimension of our faith is made explicit in the celebration of the sacraments, as well as in a prayerful reading of the word, both personally and collectively. In this perspective, we take into account the social and cultural conditions of the communities in which we live.

The Viatorian mission in Peru currently has four religious and eight associates. Since the creation of this mission in 1967, many Viatorians have dedicated themselves to the cause of the most disadvantaged in this Incan country. Today, this Foundation is still on course in a context of great fragility.


Collique, Lima
Centro de Educomunicación
Playroom: promote and strengthen the integral development of children in the public primary school;
Alternative basic education: supporting adolescents who have left school, especially children, girls and young workers, to continue their education;
Training in education for employment: technical training offered to young people who have completed secondary school, with the aim of finding a job. For teenage girls and young women, bakery and nutrition training workshops;
Educational establishments “Fe y Alegría 11” in Collique (Lima) and “Fe y Alegría 69” in Cutervo.
These educational establishments are part of the 80 schools of the Fe y Alegría federation, a popular education promoted by the Society of Jesus (Jesuits). They belong to the public system, but are under private management, under an agreement signed between the Peruvian State and the Federation Fe y Alegría, Popular Education.
Centro de Estimulación Temprana (CET) “Viatorcitos”.
The Centro de Estimulación Temprana (CET) Viatorcitos began its activities in March 2015. This school is for girls and boys under the age of three. It is inspired in particular by the Viatorian charism within the framework of the pedagogy and methodology of Educommunication. It promotes the formation of human beings in Christian values from early childhood through a playful approach.
In Collique (Lima), the Clerics of Saint Viator have also worked in the parish, notably in Christ, the Son of God Parish since its creation in 1967 (Diocese of Carabayllo). Today, due to a lack of staff, the community is no longer able to offer this service to the population. It also pursues its mission in the educational field.