On Dec. 14, the Provincial Chapter of France gathered in Rodez for the election of the Provincial Superior and two members of the Provincial Council.

The day began by invoking the Holy Spirit on the whole discernment and election process. After some initial remarks by Fr. Robert Egan, Superior General, the election began. Fr. Pierre Demierre was elected Provincial Superior on the first ballot.

Following a brief break, a straw ballot was conducted to determine potential candidates as Provincial Councilor. After celebrating Eucharist and a festive lunch, the members of the Provincial Chapter returned to session to elect two Provincial Councilors. Br. Philippe Arnal and Fr. Leon Desbos were elected as Provincial Councilors. In the days ahead Fr. Demierre will consult with them and proceed to appoint two more councilors, thus completing the formation of the Provincial Council.

“On behalf of the entire Viatorian Community, congratulations and thank you to Fr. Demierre and his two councilors for their willingness to assume these positions of leadership and animation for the Province of France,” Fr. Egan said. “May the Spirit guide their ministry as they begin their term of service.”