The Extraordinary General Council (EGC) happens only once a year and it is meant to give members of the General Council the chance to hear from the Provincials and discuss matters relating to the international Congregation.

EGC members enjoy a mid-day meal together.

This year’s EGC took place Feb 5-8 at a retreat house in central Bogotá. Fr. Robert M. Egan, CSV, Superior General reports that the meeting began with reports from the Provincials that highlighted issues and concerns that were specific to the individual Provinces.

“This process provided an opportunity for all the participants to understand better the state of affairs in each of the Provinces and Foundations,” Fr. Egan said. “It was an especially important moment to provide the support and deeper understanding of all the important concerns facing each of the Provinces.”

The largest part of the agenda was to discuss main issues and planning related to the 2024 General Chapter, scheduled for July 3-24 at Casa Divin Maestro in Ariccia, Italy.

Fr. Edgar Suarez, right, leads a tour of San Viator Parish.

“The discussion included a review of the Chapter agenda as well as a discussion of the Synthesis document resulting in the local and personal discussion of the Preparatory Document previously shared with all the members of the Congregation,” Fr. Egan added. “Much discussion centered around the many logistic details necessary for the preparation of the meeting of the General Chapter.”

As part of the agenda, the General Treasurer, Br. Benoit Tremblay, reported to the members of the EGC the details of the first six months of the General Direction budget for 2023-2024. In addition, he reviewed and presented the proposed budget to finance the 2024 General Chapter.

“The funds for this are accumulated over the past five years as part of the regular General Direction budget,” Fr. Egan said, adding that in the coming months, the entire program of the General Chapter will be finalized and shared with the members of the congregation.

Fr. Andre Crozier and Fr. John Peeters relax during the EGC.

But this year’s EGC included more than meetings. On the last day, participants were able to visit the new St. Viator Parish in Bogotá, founded and built by Fr. Edgar Suarez. Additionally, the group visited Colegio San Viator, receiving a tour of the school from Fr. Alejandro Adame, Rector of the Colegio. Finally, the group enjoyed a wonderful luncheon with all the members of the Viatorian Community in Bogotá.

“The meetings went well,” said Fr. Carlos Orduna, a member of the General Council. “It was a good atmosphere and good host home, that led to good exchanges and discussions, in both substance and form.”