San Viator Center in Lima, remains at the forefront of education in Peru. At a conference hosted by the Latin American and Caribbean Catholic Communication Association, San Viator was invited to share some of its best practices with international administrators. San Viator chose to present its Ludoteca Playroom program as an application of relevant pedagogy and edu-communicative methodology.

San Viator officials have been developing the Ludoteca Playroom for 10 years. It seeks to strengthen the development of children at the Center, giving special attention to an inter-learning process through playful and interactive methods.

This year, the Playroom continues its work with children at a neighboring school, affirming the Andean and Amazonian cultural identities while enriching them with intercultural awareness.

Br. Benoit Tremblay, CSV, directs San Viator Center. He points to edu-communication as the methodology that inspires the entire school as it creates interactions between participants, with each one contributing their knowledge and experiences.

“It is these relationships,” Br. Tremblay says, “which nourish the life of the Viatorian family within the school.”