Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The past few months have affected all our lives in a myriad of ways. I continue to remember each of you in prayer, hoping that you are healthy and safe even as this global pandemic continues to rage. The future is uncertain, but we can help to define that future by following the advice and guidelines mandated by health care professionals.

Recently I received a letter from the leaders of the USG (Union of Superiors General) and the UISG (International Union of Superiors General), the international leadership organizations of men and women religious respectively. Situated in the context of the Emmaus story from Luke’s Gospel, they wrote to us to support and encourage men and women religious who are living through this health crisis throughout the world. I am happy to share that letter with you in the hope that it provides a basis for your reflection and communal sharing.

All our Provinces and Foundations have suffered in these past months. “Stay at home orders” and quarantines have touched everyone. Our ministry and service have been changed like never before. We find ourselves living in isolation, lacking the normal human interactions that so often sustain us in our lives as religious. We have seen our brothers and sisters experience sickness and even death to Covid-19.

As the leaders of religious write, this is a time of “holy concern.” May this time offer us a deeper openness to the love and strength of Christ. I hope this communication provides an opportunity to discover the power of God’s love and strengthens us, as the USG and UISG leaders write, “to take care of one another just as our saving God cares for us.”

Sincerely in Viator and Querbes,


Robert M. Egan, CSV
Superior General