On April 11, Fr. Giuseppe Guerra, our new postulator, received Fr André Crozier, accompanied by Br. Benoît Tremblay, Br. Rob Robertson and Sylvain Brabant.

Fr. Giuseppe Guerra meets with Fr. Andre Crozier, Sylvain Brabant and Br. Benoit Tremblay. (Photos by Br. Rob Robertson)

Fr. Guerra gave us a very warm welcome. He received us at the Collège of the Communauté de la Mission (Saint Vincent de Paul) where he lives.

Fr. Crozier gave him the “positio,” a document that was destined for the cardinals who were to give their opinion before our founder’s declaration of venerability by Pope Francis in 2019.

From the first moment, Fr. Guerra affirmed that the most important part of the process of the declaration of sainthood had been achieved. It’s done! All that’s missing is a miracle and the decision or recommendation of the judge of causes for saints.

Fr. Louis Querbes is venerable! This is the end of the process, with the documents submitted: the critical biography and the opinion of the historians.

A number of files were raised concerning presumed miracles, already presented to previous postulators. In the case of cures, it is absolutely essential to obtain the opinion of the treating doctors. It is therefore important to ask for the “clinical card.” To do this, doctors must agree to meet with a referent person with whom they can talk.

Their opinion is strictly medical and based on science. They may conclude: “I don’t understand” “it’s inexplicable” “this healing is not natural.” Their opinion is not about miracles.

You have to insist on a reputation for holiness. And you need to have proof of inexplicability.

“For the moment, the procedure for causes in general is not very evangelical,” explained Fr Guerra. It will be changed, but how soon? It depends on the Pope if he wants to make an exception. It’s a disciplinary process, not a doctrinal one. The blind man Jesus healed says: “I don’t know if he’s holy, but he told me that and I saw! I was healed!”

Fr. Crozier has invited Fr. Guerra to come and meet us in Ariccia during the Chapter, especially as one of the issues on the agenda concerns Fr. Querbes’ cause. He agreed to this invitation.

On our way home, Fr. Guerra offered us a convivial time in a local bar. He’s a very welcoming man, very simple, dynamic and enthusiastic!